Samurai Digital has a dynamic culture of a start-up with a security and strategy of a large company.
We are working on challenging technical solutions for the worldwide market, for customers who insist on the latest trends in technology. At the same time we use modern, agile development methodologies.

Working with Samurai Digital, you will be part of a young and professional team of experts and have the opportunity to learn and become proficient and certified in the most advanced technologies. Samurai Digital offers the possibility of promotion, but also values the need for utter concentration and focus developers require, and provides adequate working conditions.

However, the most important reason why anyone would decide to be a Digital Samurai is that working with us will allow you to attain the greatest amount of knowledge and experience within the region. And it is rather impossible to say NO to such an opportunity.

Samurai Digital

Samurai Digital is always looking for quality employees:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT/Tech studies
  • Creative individuals who follow market trends
  • Participants in successfully realized projects
  • Experience in managing teams
  • Good knowledge of OOP
  • Proficient knowledge of the English language
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